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As a tech consultancy, we specialize in web and mobile advisory, providing easily upgradable, scalable, and maintainable custom solutions. Our 150+ full-stack team advises clients at different stages of their software projects to ensure optimal system performance, provide data for informed decision-making on IT investments, and prevent costly technical debt.


Our Development Process

This involves various stages, from minor alterations to complete modifications.

Software & Application Development

Analysis and Planing

This phase involves understanding the products’s requirements, defining goals, outlining functionalities,and creating a detailed plan for development

Coding and Development

In this phase software engineer’s write the actual code, create the application’s architecture,develop features, and integrate different components to build the  software or application.

Testing and Development

After development ,rigorous testing is performed to identify and fix bugs, ensuring the software works as intended.Once testing is devwlop to its intended environment for users to access and utilize

Our tech stack expertise

Discovery Session

We use proven decision-making framework BRIDGeS by Railsware for product ideation to build the right thing from the beginning.


  • Get all stakeholders on the same page

  • Extract and arrange CustDev insights

  • Clarify and shape a product vision

  • Build a ready-to-use roadmap together



Our Product Development Process

We take care of your projects with proven agile methods that are designed to get all stakeholders (even non-technical ones) in alignment. Our workflow amplifies collaboration and faster turnarounds to achieve even the most ambitious goals.

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Our success is your success

“Choosing Outcode to develop my app has been one of the best early business decisions I made. They were able to capture my vision from the beginning and help turn it into a reality. Their team is talented, reliable, collaborative, and easy to work with. The software we have developed is beautiful and a product I am absolutely proud of. I recommend OutCode to any founder wanting to go from killer idea to functioning, sellable product.”


Our latest web & mobile projects

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